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A Falling Sky

Tyler Edwards

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Released 2022

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Vinyl and T-Shirt Bundle
  • Vinyl and T-Shirt Bundle
  • Vinyl and T-Shirt Bundle

Vinyl and T-Shirt Bundle

Moon T-Shirt


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US Shipping only "A Falling Sky" signed vinyl (download immediately provided) and Moon T-Shirt

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Moon T-Shirt
  • Moon T-Shirt
  • Moon T-Shirt

Moon T-Shirt


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Available for in all sizes - specify in order note to make sure!

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Will "A Falling Sky" be available on streaming platforms?

  • Yes! We will be releasing singles leading up to the full digital platform release. The first single is Highway Dust on July 8th, 2022. Additional releases will follow with the record being available in the fall of 2022 or early 2023.


  • Artist only make .006 cents per stream. Due to the market, release schedule requirements, and promotional costs, the opportunity to recoup on expenses is limited. And we believe you deserve to have the record and support Tyler directly if you want. You would have had to listen to Tyler's songs roughly 1666.66667 times for him to receive $10. Your time is worth more than that and so are these songs. 

How will I receive communications and updates? 

  • Via the mailing list for product updates and directly with customers through email regarding their orders.

How can I help?

  • Purchasing the digital is the easiest and most beneficial way to help Tyler financially. All money goes directly to promotion, creation of merchandise, and recouping personal expenses of production. 

How can I help if I don't have money right now?

  •  Tell your friends about Tyler's music and follow/listen on your preferred streaming platform. You can also share this preorder with anyone you think might be interested in supporting! 

How long has Tyler Edwards been pursuing music?

  • If you count all previous bands, 15 years, but 7 years as a solo artist!

How long until I receive my order?

  • All preordered vinyl will be shipped out as soon as they are ready. This may take a few months due to production time given by factories and supply chain. 
  • All preordered t-shirts will be shipped as soon as purchased and printed. If you purchased a bundle, you can request immediate shipping or both shipped on completion of production. 

Are there any items currently available for purchase, not requiring preorder?

Can I give additional money to support the campaign? 

  • Sure! There is a donate button below or you can send money directly via PayPal

Do you have more questions?? You can submit additional questions here